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For years young athletes looking to make it to the pro leagues,  have struggled to be able to implement the right structure when it comes to marketing themselves. With platforms such as social media, YouTube, and online media, handling your brand is the key aspect to setting the right tone that scouts, agents, owners and coaches want to see.

ProReady offers a comprehensive course that assists you in understanding the ins and outs of branding yourself online and in person. Our interactive course will teach you how to:

  • Own your brand
  • Set the tone of your brand
  • Utilize social media and structure your current accounts
  • Build your own highlight film
  • Perfecting your etiquette
  • Understand the importance of interacting
  • Network yourself effectively
  • Managing your brand

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of achievement and receive access to our network of scouts, agents and coaches to assist you on your journey to your pro career.

Your Personal Brand
Designing Your Brand Content
Social Media Strategy and Presence Building
Managing your online presence

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Lectures: 7
Level: Beginner